OPERATION REPENT was created in response to the apparent gulf between the church of the New Testament and the church of today. Indeed, many of the teachings and practices of today appear to be at odds with the teachings and practices of the Bible.

Furthermore, experience has taught me that many people today do not recognise the church for what it was intended. Indeed, many cannot distinguish it from any other not-for-profit welfare organisation.

This means that the church has a real problem. It has lost its Gospel edge. And while it connects with the community on some levels, it is not connecting in the way that it should.

OPERATION REPENT, therefore, is intended to be a vehicle of change.

The first two phases have been completed, with three online checklists (How Biblical is my Church? How Welcoming is my Church? and What Gospel Does My Church Teach?) and a draft covenant (Covenant For Reform). Please feel free to use them to help assess the health of your church or Christian organisation, and to correct the great divide.

While many will not be happy with change—wanting things to stay the same. But my hope is that the need for reform will become evident and be received in a manner that is both biblical and fitting.

Brian A Curtis
Author of ‘A Twenty-First-Century Bible’
(see: htpps://brianacurtis.com.au)